-You can now create a member account! This lets you store personal information as well as keep track of any orders you've made (this does not include custom logos paid for via PayPal through my e-mail. Those records are available by contacting me). YES you can store payment info on here now! I have no access to any of your payment or personal information so it will always be kept safe and secure if you do opt to save it.

-Under the "SHOP" tag above you will find a drop down menu with multiple collection pages.

---Adult - this is where you will find any designs that have adult language or themes.

---Back to School - cute ideas for back to school tees. Here you have the option to buy individual grades to meet your needs as well as buying the entire set for a discounted price.

---Logos - Currently this section is empty but in the future this will be where you go to order your custom or pre-made logos.

---Sticker Designs - these are graphics meant to be printed out to use as stickers for your packages/packing slips.

---Various Designs - these are the items I haven't gotten to sort yet

---All Designs - this is where you will find ALL of the available designs (minus logos).

-Under the "Logos" tab you will find

---Logo FAQs - this where to go to find the answers to all (mostly all) questions you may have!

---Logo Design Tips - here you will find some some information about the different elements of logo design, including my most requested styles, font ideas, and examples of logos.

-Pricing: A pricing guide for just about everything I offer. This covers logos and custom coordinating add-ons. Pricing for Graphics varies and those prices are available on their respective product listing pages.

I have moved my Event calendar to the bottom of the home page rather than having it on it's own page in the menu. Below you can find that, the current Business Spotlight, plus my hours/turn around time.

You can now find my portfolio and contact information under the "About Me" tab.

Have an idea for a design you'd like to see here? Send me an e-mail and let me know! If I choose to create your design, I will give you a copy for free! jamie@second-bloom.com




Monday - Thursday 9am-4pm

I don't check e-mails during the weekend or national holidays. Please check my calendar for upcoming days off!


Currently my turn-around time is 3-5 business days. Business days do not include weekends or holidays.

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