How can I order?
Send an email to secondbloomart@gmail.com to get a copy of my order form and payment information

What is included in my order?

Every purchase includes 3 revisions and you will receive 2 high-definition files when it's complete. One image is your logo on a white background (this can be customized to a color of your choosing), and the other is your logo on a transparent background for the purpose of watermarking photos.


What can I do with my logo?
Anything! Print them, use them to watermark, use them on a website, put them on your clothes, whatever you’d like to do! Anything I include in the design is legally usable because I pay for the rights to each and every thing. Nothing is ever stolen off the internet and used for you.


What files will I receive?
You will get your images in PNG format by default. If you’d like another format let me know in your e-mail and I can do that for you. Keep in mind if you need an image with transparency (for watermarking), it will need to be a PNG file.

What is a PNG image?
They allow for a transparent background; this is best for watermarking your pictures. One of your images will have “trans” or “transparent” in the file name and this is the image you use to watermark (with the transparent background).

How do I watermark my photos?

There are many ways available for you to watermark. You can use computer programs such as Silhouette Studio, Photoshop, & Gimp. There are multiple apps available for each phone operating system as well. You can Google for tutorials for each specific program, or check out my Facebook group for some tutorials.


How do I get an SVG file of my logo so I can cut it out of vinyl?
That is an additional fee, not included in the price of your logo. Creating a cut file for anything requires me to recreate it, which takes additional time. If you know you need one when you first submit your order please specify and I will add that to your total.


I want multiple color versions of the logo you designed for me, is this included?
No… the logo price includes 1 version of your logo. If you would like multiple versions to use of the logo, there is a $3 charge per version. This charge does not include ANY edits other than changing the color. For example: You order a logo with the word “NEXT” in black. You want to use the black version for your website, but you also want a version with “NEXT” in pink for your Facebook. You would have 2 copies of your logo with different colors. That pink copy is an additional $3.

I need my logo a different size than what you sent so that it'll fit my website/Facebook/etc. Do you resize images?

I am no longer able to resize logos to fit specific websites. Unfortunately each website has their own specifications of the size limitations. I provide you with a high resolution logo, so often times the logo as is from me is too large of a file to upload. There are a lot of programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, even Silhouette Studio), apps, and web based programs that can help you resize to your needs. This website is a good resource ---->  https://www.oberlo.com/blog/image-resizer


Can I send you images I’d like included?
Yes and no. I can only do this if you can show me the license for it to be used commercially. I cannot make any exceptions to this rule because it could carry legal repercussions for me (and even you if you use the logo).

On this note: Nothing trademarked (Disney, NFL teams, etc) can be used.


Do you use commercially licensed elements?
Yes, I only use elements that I have legally purchased and have the license to use commercially, or things I have created myself.
Most of my fonts are also purchased with a license to use commercially. I try to avoid using free fonts because many of the designers haven’t given permission for commercial use.

What is your turnaround time?
Please check the main page or the Facebook group for the most accurate turnaround time. Business days do not include Saturday, Sunday, or national holidays. I’m also not available during the evenings so any emails will be returned the next business day. I try my hardest to keep you guys up to date with my schedule on the Facebook group, so always check in there if you need anything!


What is a revision?
A revision is anything that needs to be changed. I will send you the first proof and that’s when you have the opportunity to change anything you want about it. Colors, images, fonts, or even the overall design (which is called a “redesign”). It’s all totally up to you! Sometimes you need to see that first design to really get an idea of what you want (and don’t want). Revisions can add up to 1-3 additional business days onto your order because I work off of a list.
To make the best use of your revisions, put as many as you can into one email. I count revisions by the amount of emails sent, NOT by the number of items being edited. So, you can put 5 requests in one email, 5 in another, and 5 in the last and end up with 15 total edits but only use your 3 revisions!
You get 3 revisions per order (which can equal to 2 revisions and 1 redesign, or 3 revisions). You can purchase 3 more revisions for $5.

What is a redesign?
A redesign changing the complete original design of the logo. Each order has 1 redesign included, so if you aren’t happy with your first proof we can totally redo it!

What happens to the original logo if I decide to go with the redesign? Will I get to keep both?
No, you will not get finished versions of both. The original design is then listed for sale in the Facebook group as pre-made for someone else to personalize and purchase.

Can I buy additional redesigns or revisions:
Yes, for $5 you can buy 3 additional revisions. For $10 you can buy a 2nd total redesign. If you would like to purchase the original version of your logo and the redesign, you may do so at a discount. Message me for more information about that.

How long do I have to reply to your proofs?

Great question! You will have 1 full week (7 days) to reply to any proofs I send. I will send reminders in that 7 day period, in case it slipped your mind. On Day 8 I will send you the most recent version of your logo, without my watermark, so that you can have full use of it. If you decide afterwards that you need more edits, you can buy additional revisions for $5. This is regardless of how many revisions you've previously had. So PLEASE stay on top of replying!

Do you have a refund policy?
There are no refunds on digital items. When you purchase a logo, you are paying for my time and not the final product. If I’ve spent hours working on your design and you ultimately decide you don’t want a logo after all I’ve still lost those hours and time I could have spent on another customer.
However, I do retain the right to cancel and issue refunds at my discretion. I will always contact you if I feel it'd be best to refund your order.

An example of revision vs redesign