One thing I hear all the time is that someone wants a logo, but they don't know what they want. Or sometimes they do know what they want, but don't know how to describe it. I put together a little info to help you if you're stuck!

The best place to start is to know the overall style you'd like. There are 4 styles people request the most: watercolor, paint splatter, geometric, and floral. You can even mix them together! Watercolor is great because it can be soft colors or bold, both giving a totally different feel with the same concept. Splatter is great because it's so vibrant and fun! Geometric logo shapes bring a level of sophistication, especially if you add in some metallic gold or silver. Floral is fun because there are many styles (watercolor, photo realistic, cartoon) so you could go totally farmhouse feel OR modern, just swapping up your flower style.


The next important part is font choices. You'd be surprised how much a font really changes your logo (for better or worse)! I usually see 2 things:

1. People who know the exact font name they want

2. People who don't have a font in mind but know the TYPE they want so they explain it.

This little graphic may make things easier for #2! When you say "farmhouse," "calligraphy," "swirly," "girly," etc this is what I see in my head. When it comes time to order your logo feel free to use this list to give yourself ideas. I have MANY fonts that fall into each of these categories, so don't worry that you will get the same as everyone else if you pick from it. If you DO want the exact font from below just let me know.

Also a note about fonts: I try to avoid using free fonts because I don't know which allow for commercial use. That being said, I have been "collecting" (ahem) fonts for years and while a majority of my fonts are paid for there ARE some free that I just don't remember aren't paid.


Items I often am asked to include in logos: sunflowers, lilies, butterflies, hearts, dragonflies, paint strokes, Christianity symbols, rustic elements (boots, cowboy hats, horse shoes)

Colors I see requested often: rainbows, metallics (gold, silver, rose gold), bright vibrant colors, "mermaid" colors (teals, purple, pink)

Commercial Right Information: ALL elements I use I have commercial use licenses for. Images, backgrounds, Photoshop brushes, etc.

If you are in the planning stages of ordering a logo from me and you're on a website where you can buy elements and see a cute lion you KNOW you want in your logo, please feel free to purchase it and send it to me when you place your order. Always be sure to buy the "commercial use" version, because I will ask you to send that proof along to me before I can use it in your logo. Once I complete your logo using the image you sent, I delete the item forever and never use it for someone else's logo/art.

You need to be careful buying clip art from Etsy because sometimes sellers list that you can commercially use items but THEY don't even have the commercial rights to sell the item. Biggest example is Disney. A lot of sellers claim you can use the Disney images on their shop for commercial use and that is 100% untrue. Using Disney character can result in a cease and desist or, even worse, being sued. Please don't purchase Disney items and send them to me to use in your logo because I can't/won't. (Same goes for NFL, big name fashion labels, etc)